AiJiS - Cork - Comércio de Rolhas e Artigos de Cortiça

We are a company of large-scale commercialization of several cork derived products.

The mission of the AiJiS Company is continuing to increase sales in the International market, mainly in the Iberian market, having as a main objective satisfying the needs of supermarkets, with a product fully ready, demanded quality and a well defined image of our company, thinking about the final consumer.

The AiJiS company will supply its products in the way the customer wants them, therefore we have several sizes of packaging, "100, 200, 500 or even 1000 units", among others.

Our customers are all of those who want to work with us, because we supply: vendors who intend to work the corks afterwards, "natural or agglomerated", in all sizes; customers who buy everything prepared, packed and ready to be sold; customers who buy our products to use them in their own mark or in any other way.

These customers belong to a vast range of activities: Cellars, Beekeeping, Cooperatives, Food Industry, Wine Industry, Pharmacies, Perfumeries, Cooperages, Big Surfaces, Small Retailers, etc.